Rules for Creating Effective Business Cards

A business card is not just a plain rectangular piece of paper that just lists your name & contact information. An effective business card can actually give a glimpse of your personality to a person you give it. Therefore, you should get your business card formatted in a way that it shows the reflection of your personality.

The following are some important rules that will help you ensure that your business card compliments your personality and your business as well.

Should Contain Most Crucial and Relevant Information
You should avoid including all personal information on your business card because this will make your recipient lose the attention due to the overload of the information. You just need enough to make yourself interesting enough to the recipient. Therefore, you should avoid all the unnecessary information and just keep the most important information about you on the card.

Ensure the Card is Legible
You should avoid using font styles that look too casual or whimsical. You should ensure that the font style that you want to use on your card is not too fancy, small, or distorted. Using fonts that are too small, fancy, or distorted can make your business card difficult or hard to read. However, you can add the logo of your business, which can add more interest.

Avoid Covering Up the Whole Card
You should avoid full coverage of the business card unless it is absolutely necessary. You should also avoid using a glossy material for the card. It is impossible for the recipient to note down something important on the card if it has no room left to write or there is glossy finish on both the sides.

Get the Cards Printed Professionally
Although BIY cards for business are cost effective, they do not make a very good first impression. Your business card should look sharp and professional, so it is best to get them printed professionally.

Design for the Audience
You should design your business card that should be able to address your audience, not confuse them. The information, design and the font should be crisp. You should avoid using anything that could confuse your audience.

Use the Options of Special Finishing Carefully
There are many special options or features that help in getting your business card noticed such as rounded corners, folds, foil accents, embossing, and unusual sizes. However, you should consider using a feature that is somehow related to your brand or business, not because you find it cool.

Include a Call-to-Action
You can include a crafted short message in your business card that could tell the recipient about some discount or offer or directs him/her to your company website.

A good business card can make either a very good or a very bad impression on the minds of your recipients. Therefore, it is very important that you design your business card very carefully.

Here below, we’ve posted a video on more tips to create beautiful business cards: