Benefits of Marketing Your Business on Instagram

You’re probably all too familiar with the benefits of social media marketing and advertising as a business owner. So, why is it so important that you diversify and why should you be using Instagram as a method to reach your present audience and a potentially new audience? Let’s consider a few of these benefits for your business, when you integrate Instagram, alongside your other social media platforms and marketing tools, for business success.

1. Reach
In 2010, less than 50 million people went on Instagram daily; today, over 500 million are visiting the site daily. What that means for your business is that you have a chance of reaching a much broader demographic than in the past. The sheer number of visitors daily means your present followers are going to share, discuss, comment, and otherwise, help get your product/service out there. It’s free advertising and free word of mouth endorsement by sharing images/videos on the site.

2. Connection
Facebook and Instagram are connected. Therefore, your Instagram followers are going to trickle down into Facebook. This will lead to other platforms like Twitter and Snapchat. You are going social, without having to share, tweet, like a comment, etc. on every social platform. You can rely on Facebook data to target your demographic niche and audience which is interested in your product/service. This is a great time-saver for businesses and allows you to seamlessly integrate across multiple channels.

3. Diversify
Who wants to see the same photo daily of a product in development? You wouldn’t, and it is likely your audience doesn’t want to either. The beauty of Instagram is the ability to share in multiple formats. Photos, carousel ads, paid for and free marketing ads, video ads, and content, and story ads (just to name a few). The more diversity you throw out there for your followers, the more they are going to engage. And, the greater the returns for your business.

A major benefit of Instagram is that it is a free platform. You can easily share photos and share via multiple platforms with a simple tweet (email ad, Youtube video, or other social sharing platforms). As a business owner, it is a viable tool which will help you grow. And, the freedom, liberty of expression, and ability to reach across multiple platforms, and millions of people with the touch of a button, are some reasons your business should integrate Instagram as a marketing/advertising tool if you already aren’t doing so.